William E. Elston

William E. Elston is a Pacific Northwest artist best known for urban and rural landscape subjects. He has also been teaching painting and drawing in the Greater Seattle area for several decades. He currently instructs in painting the Total Landscape, including en plein air, and offers Online Group Critiques via Zoom-based sessions.

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An Old Painting: Tug At Interbay

This painting was done in the late 1980s, when I first started showing at Davidson Galleries. It represents a tugboat moored at Interbay, between Myrtle Edwards Park and Smith Cove Park. We tried to sell it to Foss Inc., who operate a fleet of tugs in Puget Sound, but they would only buy it if the tugboat itself had their logo. It would have made the painting look strange, since the logo would have been illegible at the distance the tugboat is depicted.

marine seattle waterways

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An End to an Era

Recently the gallery that has represented me in the Pacific Northwest, Davidson Galleries, announced that they were phasing out their department of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture. I have been a member of their stable of artists for the better part of three decades.

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